We Got the Okay to Go Home!

Natalie’s Day 5 NTU Update – Dr Walker and resident Dr Bowers from Pediatric Neurosurgery came in this morning to look at Natalie. Dr Bowers just came back with 3 prescriptions in hand and told me we could leave anytime today as long as we coordinate with the nurses. I’m sending a few text messages… Continue reading We Got the Okay to Go Home!

An Afternoon at Home

We’re home! Natalie has been set up on the couch, has had lunch, and is drawing on a little whiteboard while she controls TV with the remote. This kid is so happy to be home. It’s hard to believe that she’s back so quickly, but we are soooo relieved! Medicine schedule is up on the… Continue reading An Afternoon at Home

Shout-out for Sirsy

We were pretty tickled to hear Sirsy mention our Purple Dash 5k event on their stageit.com broadcast tonight, then present us a special cover of Purple Rain!  Thank you thank you thank you!