An Afternoon at Home

We’re home! Natalie has been set up on the couch, has had lunch, and is drawing on a little whiteboard while she controls TV with the remote. This kid is so happy to be home. It’s hard to believe that she’s back so quickly, but we are soooo relieved! Medicine schedule is up on the fridge as a reminder for us to follow the schedule.

It’s hard to stay low-key today.  I had earlier asked the Griffins to come by the hospital so that Eric Griffin could share his surgery story with Natalie because he had a similar operation and had a great scar to prove it.  We arranged to swing them over to the house instead of the hospital, and that seemed to work well.  It was good to hear Eric’s story from beginning to end, and Natalie was intrigued, at least as much as an 11 year old will be.

It got a little busier when the Poelmans came by to visit as well.  At that point we had 5 kids in the house and Natalie wasn’t so interested in sitting with the adults.  For a kid who was having issues walking to the bathroom, she was suddenly going down stairs, playing games on the Wii, and trying to go outdoors with the group.  There is sometimes too much of a good thing.