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We’re Looking at Surgery for Natalie

We met with our neurologist and the neurosurgeon at Primary Children’s on Thursday. We’re proceeding towards surgery but have to get a neuro-psychological evaluation and a pediatric ophthalmologist to measure her vision field cut before we go back. Neurosurgery will meet with us again on March 3, and I expect that’s when they set the date […]

Natalie’s Surgery – Pediatric Peri-Insular Hemispherotomy

On July 26, 2011 Natalie went to Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City to have a Pediatric Peri-Insular Hemispherotomy performed to control her seizures.   We started the conversation in 2010, and began tests in September 2010 to determine whether Natalie would benefit from this procedure.  After completing interviews with her pediatric neurologist, […]

Pre-Op Questions with Des

Des is the surgical nurse. She came out to the pre-op waiting room to answer more questions, and to make sure Natalie was ready. It’s about 10 minutes before the doctors were ready.

Natalie is taken back to OP5

Angela, Marisa, Gabriel and I have checked into the surgery waiting room just before 10AM. We have six hours to wait here before Natalie is out of surgery and moved into ICU.  Des has promised to call us every 1.5 hours to provide status as the surgery is conducted.

1st Surgery Update

Natalie’s update: 3 hours in and surgery is proceeding well. Heart rate, temperature and breathing are all normal. The nurse was late calling because she grabbed some lunch, which is a good sign. Next call is planned around 2:30 Mountain time, surgery is expected to run long.

2nd Surgery Update & Surprise Finish

Natalie’s post surgery update – we got a surprise, Natalie is out of surgery and headed over to the ICU. The doctor said she did really well in the operating room, no complications. She isn’t going to require a drainage tube (another surprise), so it’s just stitches to deal with. We should be able to […]

PICU Room 6 – Post Op

Natalie is recovering in the Pediatric ICU (PICU) and off ventilation. She’ll be sleeping for a while now. The anesthesiologist has come out and spoken with Angela and I to let us know (again) that the surgery went smoothly. We met Dr Kestle in the PICU and discussed Natalie’s surgery further.  Natalie was extremely pale but […]

The Surgical Incision

A better view of the surgical incision. The good news is that she’s got lots of lovely curly hair to cover that up!

Day of Surgery – PICU Evening Update

Natalie’s PICU update – her color is returning and she’s resting. No post-surgery seizures so far which is good. Apparently the anesthesia takes up to 24 hours to come off of, so she has a lot of nausea right now. I guess it’s better that she just sleeps it off. We’ve been able to hunker […]

Day 2 Morning Check-In

Angela called and said that Natalie was sick a couple more times last night. She hasn’t been able to take any of her anti-seizure meds because they are oral only (no intravenous) and she hasn’t been able to take anything yet… I’m packing up some clothes for Angela and am heading up to the hospital. Gabe […]