Day 2 – PICU to Neuro/Trauma Unit (NTU)

Natalie’s update for 2nd day: The results of this morning’s CT scan came back normal so she has been moved to the Neuro Trauma Unit (NTU), which is good. She has been awake for longer periods, and is responding verbally to questions. She is drinking some Sprite and was able to take her anti-seizure meds, but is still getting sick.  The nausea should pass with time while the body works the after effects of the anesthesia out. She told us that she’s hungry but doesn’t want anything to eat yet because of the nausea. We’ll be starting her on “clear” foods like jello or broth first. Of course, she doesn’t like either.

Natalie’s new nurse in NTU is Cassie, who quickly changed out Natalie’s pillow and reset some monitors to make her more comfortable.