Day 2 NTU Evening Update

Natalie was more awake today than yesterday, but clearly dealing with pain from the surgery and more nausea. Swelling has increased around her right temple, eye and ear. We’re using cold packs for her face and head, Dexamethasone to help control swelling, Zofran and Reglan for nausea, and Morphine and Tylenol for pain.  If we can get her to eat tomorrow she should be able to move to Lortab, with Zantac added to the mix of drugs. She’s miserable. My heart was breaking to see her almost crying today.

There were 3 highlights today – one was permission to move from the PICU to the NTU because the CT scan came back clean. The other two were surprise calls from her elementary teacher Ms. Sundell and from Grandma to see how she was doing. Those calls were important for her, she held on to every word!